AR March T-shirt 2016 CLOSE OUT

AR March T-shirt 2016 CLOSE OUT
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Be the cool guy on the block. Show  your support & let them know you know more than shooting from a bench.

Kanji on the right saids: Fu rin kazan = Wind: like the wind we will move swifly, Forest: like the trees in the forest many of us standing without a sound. Fire: like the fire with will engulf all and leave nothing behind, Mountain: like the mountain we will be unmovable.  Classic battle poem from the 16th century samurai period

Kanji on the left side saids: Bushido = warriors way it translates more to the tone of "mindset & lifestyle, live by a code"

The NRA America's Rifle Match tournorment T-shirts.

Comes in white. Prints on back


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