Tactical/Defensive Pistol clinic Aug 26th 2017

Tactical/Defensive Pistol clinic Aug 26th 2017
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  • Defensive/Tactical Pistol clinic:   This class teaches the fundaments of how to effectively engage using a pistol. Course will cover the following.  

            - ammunition malfunctions (squib,misfire,hangfire)                  Requirements:

            - gear setup                                                                     - Proper functioning semi auto pistol in either 9mm, 40 or 45

            - stance/hold                                                                    - 300 rounds of ammunition

            - malfunction drills                                                            - Min 4x magazines

            - shooting drills                                                                - Sturdy belt holster (no cross draw or CCW) & magazine holder

            - speed reload drills/tactical reloading                                 - Closed toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen & hat

            - shoot and move drills                                                     - eyes & ears

            - shoot by command drills

            - difference between cover & concealment  

             $120 per student 


Pack a lunch 

Location: Angeles shooting range eagels nest A

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